UpperMed, improve dialysis patients’ quality of lives

A portable solution to do dialysis anytime, anywhere

Our vision

Improve dialysis patients’ quality of lives.

Over 40 % of ESRD patients are found to be depressed

Kidney failure patients can remain on dialysis for many years, and their quality of lives will be impaired severely. Nowadays, over 2 million dialysis patients are still suffering from old, outdated procedures:

Patients want to live, not merely survive.

PD Care – a faster, easier way to do dialysis anywhere

Time Saving

Lightweight (~1 kg) peritoneal dialysis machine allow patients easily access to dialysis anywhere, but save 50% time on procedure .

All-in-one Solution

Put all accessories and dialysate you need in our well-designed case, and start your new life from now on.

Remote Management

Patients’ data is measured by our device and sync with clinics for timely medication support. User could download our app to enjoy more data management service (blood pressure, body weight etc.).

Demo Video

About Us

CEO & Co-founder

Cheng Yi-Chih

CTO & Co-founder

Lin Tzu-Yang

Head of Electrical Engineering

Lee Yan-You

UpperMed is composed of skilled and creative engineers, we have plentiful experience to design a user-center medical device.

Medical Advisors

Dr. Martin Lee

Senior Consultant of Nephrology, NUH

Dr. Lin Yen Chung

Nephrology / Associate Professor, Taipei Medical Hospital


Latest News

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

雅渼醫療器材UPPERMED提供家用洗腎解決方案 https://aws.amazon.com/tw/events/taiwan/interviews/articles-uppermed/

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Email: jacky.cheng@uppermed.com.sg